Water Conservation Tips from Your Local San Mateo Plumber

Outdated plumbing fixtures are costing you money with every use. Kitchen and bathroom faucet replacement of old fixtures can help you conserve energy and water while keeping more money in your pocket. Even just saving a few bucks a month can have long term effects. At My San Mateo Plumber, we have a few suggestions for homeowners looking to upgrade to energy-efficient plumbing fixtures.

Invest in a Water Heater Blanket

You insulate your home to keep it from getting too cold or overheated, but you may not realize that your water heater can benefit from the same care and attention. Ask your licensed plumber in San Mateo about purchasing a water heater blanket to keep this vital appliance from releasing heat.

Install Low-flow Fixtures

Reducing water usage can be as simple as installing new fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom. Low-flow fixtures can save homeowners as much as 700 gallons in water usage each year. Even if your current fixtures aren’t giving you any problems, we encourage homeowners to consider upgrading to experience amazing savings and water conservation. We believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to a better environment, especially in Southern California, where drought conditions are always lurking just around the corner. Installing low-flow fixtures is a great way to do this.

Consider Toilet Replacement

How old is the toilet in your home? It seems that we change paint colors, furnishing, and every other thing in our homes but never give the toilets a second thought. Homes that are decades old may be using the same toilet that may still work well, but is costing more money than necessary. Like low-flow faucets, low-flow toilets can decrease water consumption considerably. There are numerous models available that are affordable and effective that our licensed plumbers in San Mateo can help you install today.

For more water conservation tips, call My San Mateo Plumber Hero today. We have qualified plumbers in your location available today.

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